Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thurspiration: Introduction + Appreciation

I am super excited to announce a new series I'm launching on this blog - "Thurspiration"! Inspired by the beautiful things I stumble upon throughout the week, I'll be sharing these bits and morsels with you all here every Thursday. Today's Thurspiration features a lovely poem I found on Tumblr and an adorable book of short prose and poetry by one of my favorite writers.

1. "If You Love A Flower", Osho

Not only is it a super cute piece of poetry, but it also made an impression on me. How many times have we spotted a pair of shoes and gasped, "I love those, I have to buy it!" Or rather, something less shallow than shoes - love, or greed. I'm sure that at least half of you reading this right now are just like me, and "in love" with someone who barely knows you exist, whether that would be a guy, a girl, or a relative suffering from an unforgiving disease. As lovers, we should be able to step back and allow that other person to do what makes them happiest. It may be hard overcoming greed, but I feel that it's an essential step to becoming a better, more forgiving, and happier person. Love is not about possession, love is about appreciation.

2. Love and Misadventure, Lang Leav

I've been following Lang Leav on Tumblr for awhile (you can visit her blog here) and with every piece of poetry or short prose she posts, I fall in love with her work even more. When I found out she released a collection of a few of her works in print, I immediately had to purchase it. To date, Love and Misadventure is one of my favorite books (and I've read a lot!). Here are two samples of her work (you can view more on her blog if you're interested!):

I am in no way telling you to purchase her book (although you can support her by doing so), I just wanted to share her lovely writing with you today! I believe that everyone should be exposed to writing they can relate to and know that writing can be amazing, provoke emotions, and touch the heart - it doesn't have to be read in English class to be considered literature! I know that I did not enjoy half the things we read in English class, but I still consider myself a reader, patron of the arts, and writer. Creativity is more than what we're shown and taught in an academic setting.

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  1. I love finding poems and amazing pieces of written work on tumblr, those are some of my favourite things to read and reblog. Thanks so much for sharing Lang Leav's work!