Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Style

With summer in full bloom and racks full of new trends, I wanted to give you all the ultimate style guide of do's and don'ts. (Trends based in New York City.) Hop on board with a cute cross-body bag - let's make this the trendiest summer yet!

1. Do: Short, floral dresses and rompers. Anything and everything small and cute is a hit this season! Leave it short and sweet.

Don't: High-low dresses. These were a thing of last summer; high-low dresses just don't fit in with the fun, chill vibe of this summer.

2. Do: Delicate jewelry. Especially during the evenings, pairing a delicate piece with a solid, pastel-colored top is the best way to show up to a beach outing.

Don't: 10,000 chunky bracelets up your arm. Remember when this was "in" two summers ago? *cringe*

3. Do: Floral and bright sunglasses. How cute are the ones in the picture?! A perfect addition to any outfit that needs a pop of color.

Don't: Large, black shades. Totally classy, but also totally screams spring and winter!

4. Do: Short boots. Who said cute, short combat boots were just for the fall?

Don't: Sperry's. As cute as they are, Sperry's are proving to be a miss here in New York City.

5. Do: Patterned or non-traditional colored jeans. White, floral, mint green - any pair of quirky shorts is a guaranteed hit!

Don't: The classic blue. They're fine for a trip to the mall, but if you're headed any place else, spruce the outfit up a little!

6. Do: Bright colored nails with embellishments. Sail away from the safe shore. Sport up a non-traditional French manicure or add a little pizzazz to the typical solid-color!

Don't: Darks. This one is kind of a no-brainer, but I figured I'd include it because it's the ultimate no-no and better safe than sorry: maroons and blacks are for the fall.

What's your favorite up-and-coming summer trend, and what's a "miss" in your wardrobe this summer?

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  1. Great post! I love my rompers and dresses for the summer, they're what I live in!